Modern Mom Blogs Helping Young Mommies In Adapting New Parenting Style

Moms nowadays are juggling between their careers, family management and desire to make friends and socialize. The old fashion concept of the neighborhood-like parenting community where woman were interacting with each on the in the farmers markets, doing laundry or at the playground just doesn’t exist anymore.

So called ‘progress’ has built barriers, making it difficult for people to meet. Now the modern woman is ordering food delivered for the family dinner, dropping off the laundry in the dry cleaners and hiring nannies to look after her children. These services make moms’ lives more convenient, but also build the wall of segregation around them. Women today face a big challenge to break though this isolation.

More women than men report a history of attempted suicide, with a gender ratio of 2:1. The higher rate of attempted suicide in women is attributed to the elevated rate of mood disorders among females, such as major depression. Women, regardless of nationality or socioeconomic level, have significantly higher rates of depression than men. The number one cause of depression is social and economic factors.

Their work, isolation at home, stress in the marriage and children play big roles in a woman’s depression. Many women feel that they must be everything to everyone and at the same time feel as if they are no one at all. Such a self-image is common and should be strongly considered as a major contributor to depression in many women. The mothers who work feel that they cannot keep up with everyday life. The mothers who stay home with children feel socially isolated. This is why many women are seeking for the new ways to socialize. Busy mothers join the Mom Blog Network, where they can start their own moms’ blog or join mom support groups online. There they can find the support of other moms, tips on parenting and sources of valuable info for moms. Mom online community is playing a big role in modern mom’s life. Look how many parents’ blogs, single moms blogs, working moms blogs, and so on are on the Internet. They chat with each other, find answers for important issues, and make long-term friends. It is so convenient! On the Internet you do not have to make a date with your friend in advance. You can communicate any time, day or night, whatever is more convenient for your schedule. I personally like to watch news on my computer while I am on the Internet. It is like a shampoo & conditioner – “Two in One”. I love it!

The research shows that more mothers are online than fathers and most of the parenting websites are visited by moms. In fact they constitute over 85% of all visits to parenting websites. I predict that more and more services will be available for moms on the internet. It is a growing market. Moms like me will find new ways to communicate, find services and information online. It is the community of the future!

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